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The Recruiting Workflow: A Balance Between Technology and Humans

November 29, 2023

AI Executive Order Finally Released

As Legal Operations professionals support their corporate legal departments with digital transformation tools including AI, they need to incorporate the human touch along with these automation tools, whether recruiting directly or working with Human Resources.

Automation has revolutionized the initial stages of recruiting by enhancing efficiency, reducing bias, and streamlining tasks. Yet striking a balance between efficiency and personalization requires integrating technology and humans into the recruitment workflow. These are three ways to meet this challenge, as highlighted in an article on

  • One way organizations are addressing this challenge is by collaborating with recruitment agencies. These agencies leverage automation tools such as applicant tracking systems to sift through candidate data efficiently while maintaining a personalized understanding of each candidate’s unique qualities.
  • Legal operations professionals can contribute to this balance by investing in skills development within their team. Fostering a wider range of achievements, networks, and interpersonal skills for high performers will add depth to potential candidates upskilling their technology skills.
  • Innovative approaches like speed interviews combine technology and personal interaction. They enable swift, impactful assessments and maintain agility in the recruitment process while upholding a human connection with candidates.


Although the advantages of tech are endless, it comes with a price of the potential loss of humanization. To prevent this, insights from industry experts can highlight the critical nature of the balance, emphasizing that a successful recruitment strategy requires integrating the human touch.

Striking this delicate balance between technology and humans involves leveraging recruitment agencies, investing in skills and personal development, and prioritizing the building of personal connections, as well as blending the strengths of automation.

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