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Tech Worker Majority Says Break Up Big Tech

September 9, 2021


In July, the House Judiciary Committee voted to advance five bipartisan bills that would force Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google to split up or walk away from core businesses. Fishbowl, a workplace social network for professionals surveyed their networkers, asking: Do you believe antitrust legislation should be used to break up Big Tech companies like Amazon and Google? Almost 12,000 replied. Sixty percent answered yes. Legal professionals had the highest percentage in favor, 67 percent. Teachers were lowest at 53 percent. Tech had the fourth-highest percentage of professionals agreeing that Big Tech companies should be broken up. It should be noted that downsizing the behemoths that employ so many techies would mean more opportunities for small businesses that a tech professional might take advantage of, and in general it could add more jobs for highly skilled professionals.

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