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Hiring Strategically Means Hiring Flexible Legal Talent

January 30, 2024

Hiring Strategically Means Hiring Flexible Legal Talent

In-house legal teams are facing hiring challenges due to budget cuts and demands for greater efficiency. Without strategic hiring, they may be unable to keep pace with business needs and may burn out their current staff. According to an article by Epiq, legal departments need to start looking at an affordable alternative and incorporate flexible legal talent. 

As an alternative to permanent hires, this offers several benefits:

  • Flexible legal talent provides a solution to understaffing by bridging the gap between workload and department capacity as legal departments are struggling to keep up with the pace of business.
  • Hiring flexible legal talent to scale teams enables you to meet changing workloads and project demands, eliminating the need to add to your department’s permanent hires.
  • Engaging flexible talent allows you to access to specialized legal expertise for specific situations like product launches, expansions, or regulatory changes so your department will have the right skills at the right time.
  • With a flexible talent model, legal departments will be able to draw on talent from across the country and acquire localized experience at rates fitting your budget.
  • Hiring flexible legal talent helps alleviate pressure on departments already stretched beyond capacity and facing burnout.

Incorporating flexible legal talent is a proactive strategy to manage budget constraints, retain talent, and ensure agile business operations. It will offer opportunities for intellectual growth and experience while reducing the burden on the team and will be critical in an economic downturn. 

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