Intellectual Property » Apple, Samsung Could Both Be Losing Their Patent Case

Apple, Samsung Could Both Be Losing Their Patent Case

May 1, 2014

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Experts say neither Apple nor Samsung have much to gain from the upcoming ruling in a years-long patent lawsuit about who copied whose phone designs. The companies delivered closing arguments before a San Jose, Calif. District Court April 29 in the case, which began three years ago. Apple seeks $2.2 billion for infringement of five software patents, and Samsung has counter-sued for $7 million  for infringement of two of its patents. In  the two years since the suits were filed, both companies have lost market share. The case is “a distraction,” Sundeep Bajikar, an analyst for Jefferies, told the Wall Street Journal. “There are potentially more important structural changes happening in the industry,” he added. “The implications are not that meaningful.”

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