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The Everyday Employee Experience Is Being Transformed by Digital Technology

November 25, 2022


New digital technologies are transforming the modern workplace, with many of these systems promising to improve efficiency, productivity, and well-being. But how do they affect the people who interact with them every day? Several recent studies explore the ways in which technology is influencing today’s workplace and workforce, including both its benefits and risks. First, AI is transforming hiring in unexpected ways, for example, candidates who are anxious or distrustful of AI are less likely to complete their applications. Second, employees are impacted by electronic monitoring, which reduces their job satisfaction and increases their stress levels as well as the possibility they will engage in counterproductive behaviors. Third, AI tends to correlate with hiring more highly-educated workers. In comparison, companies with more automation tend to have flatter organizations with more junior workers and fewer mid-level and senior employees. Fourth, automation reduces low-wage, non-service jobs, with job losses largest among non-Asian people of color, highlighting the complex intersection between racial equity, economic trends, and technological advances.

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