dual purpose communication concept

Don’t Count on Privilege For Dual-Purpose Communications

A dual-purpose communication contains both legal and non-legal advice. It is typically written by an attorney, usually an in-house attorney. […]

business person using smartphone for email

Employer Policies and Employee Personal Privileged Emails

Death, taxes, and employees sending personal emails via the employer’s email server. We know it happens despite policies preventing or […]

untangling corporate privilege weave of waivers concept

Untangling Corporate Privilege: Deciphering the Complex Weave of Waivers

The principles that govern waivers for corporate entities are like a woven tapestry. In one direction we find patterns that […]

New year reminder for general counsel concept, 2024 goals list on notebook

New Year Reminders for General Counsel: From Compliance to Confidentiality

The new year is a good time for reminders and refocusing on creating better habits. Privilege and related concepts are […]

generative AI in legal field is piece of puzzle

California State Bar Approves Guidance on Generative AI: Striking a Balance Between Innovation and Ethics

In November 2023, a Colorado judge suspended a lawyer for using ChatGPT to draft a legal document. Just a few […]

attorney-witness discussion during breaks concept

Breaktime Balancing Act: Navigating Attorney-Witness Discussions in Depositions

Attorneys and witness-clients are frequently tempted to discuss testimony during deposition breaks. The recent increase in remote depositions during the […]

courthouse columns

Ask the Court If You Want Confidentiality

Abraham Lincoln’s wisdom revealed itself in a variety of spheres, ranging from the adversities associated with frontier life to challenges […]

businessperson looking at phone

The Common Interest Privilege May Not Be Common Knowledge

The attorney-client privilege offers strong protection from public disclosure of confidential communications regarding legal advice. But, any disclosure to a […]

Supreme Court in Washington DC at Sunset

Supreme Court Dismisses Privilege Case: What Now for In-House Lawyers?

There have been several horrifically bad predictions throughout time.  In 1903, a bank president predicted to a Ford Motor Company […]

“Prior Knowledge” Exclusions

Liability insurance protects the insured against claims even when the acts that gave rise to them took place before the […]

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