Using Digital Tools in Litigation

The author describes a technologically enabled deposition he took, in which he sat behind a command station of computer displays […]

AI Can Maximize In-house Efficiency

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly bolster the efficiency of in-house legal departments. Key developments are emerging that […]

Using Cloud Technology in M&A Due Diligence

The rapid pace of M&A increases the pressure on due diligence teams to verify information provided by the seller, arrive […]

Cost Comparison for Financing Litigation

Litigation finance is used by corporations and law firms to pursue litigation, to move cost and risk off balance sheets, […]

The Power of Accountability to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion

Large law firms are the least diverse sector of the legal industry. Diverse teams have been shown to outperform those […]

Enforcing Unenforceable Contract Provisions in Bankruptcy

Contracts routinely include anti-assignment and ipso facto provisions, which are typically unenforceable in bankruptcy cases. Such provisions restrict contracting parties […]

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