insurance policy

Insurance Coverage for Email Scams

A genuine looking email is sent to a company’s accounts payable department with instructions from its president to pay money […]

Cliffhanger For the Commercial Lending Market

Trying a Case In a Judicial Hellhole

For anyone whose practice focuses on mass torts or a national counsel practice, litigating in a judicial hellhole is not […]

remote employee

Remote Employees and Patent Venue

Patent owners, accused infringers, and patent litigators spend a surprising amount of time thinking about and litigating venue. A wave […]

courthouse columns

Ask the Court If You Want Confidentiality

Abraham Lincoln’s wisdom revealed itself in a variety of spheres, ranging from the adversities associated with frontier life to challenges […]

blueprint of idea concept

A Playbook for Cost-Effective Patent Prosecution and Portfolio Management

Introduction Whether a result of financial performance, a cyclical market downturn or a global crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

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