Class Actions Are an M&A Deal Killer

Any time one company seeks to merge with or acquire another, the acquiring company is looking for a few critical […]

Insider Trading Liability

Steep sanctions and reputation damage to the company often follow an insider trading event. To a certain degree, insider trading […]

A Platform-Based Approach to Operational Efficiency

Corporate law departments face demands to reduce costs and demonstrate digital readiness and innovation. Technology will be a key enabler, […]

Making the 30(b)(6) Witness Work for the Defense

The plaintiff’s bar is enamored of Rule 30(b)(6). These days even the most basic lawsuits may see several 30(b)(6) notices. […]

In-House Management of Appeals

Although larger in-house teams often include attorneys with a litigation background, managing cases on appeal can be out of the […]

Shareholder’s Rights v. the Accountant-Client Privilege

It is common for a business or its executives to be presented with allegations of mismanagement or wrongdoing by a […]

Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts

The recently published Fourth Edition of Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, Robert L. Haig Editor-in-Chief, consists of 14 […]

Managing Mountains of Data

Identifying and retaining data that has business value is critical, but that same data can pose risks for corporations. Today’s […]

Preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act

Privacy law in the United States is about to undergo a fundamental change when the California Consumer Privacy Act becomes […]

Cybersecurity Protocols and ADR

The legal profession, in general, needs to modernize its approach to cybersecurity. And alternative dispute resolution has even more work […]

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