Inside/Outside Attorneys Often Not on the Same Page

The International Association of Defense Counsel recently released its 2016 Inside/Outside Counsel Relationship Survey. The survey found major differences in […]

Two Governance Studies Confirm Expanded Role for General Counsel

Within the space of less than one month in 2016, two important commentaries on corporate governance were released by two […]

Changing Rules for Foreign Arbitral Awards

Counsel charged with prosecuting or defending against actions involving foreign arbitral awards should be aware of rapidly evolving rule changes […]

Consumer Agency Rule Would End Class Action Waivers

In May, the Consumer Financial Protection Board announced a proposed rule prohibiting providers from using a pre-dispute arbitration agreement to […]

One Year After the Yates Memorandum

In September, 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a policy directive dubbed the “Yates Memorandum,” in reference to its […]

Self-Certifying Under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

The European Union formally adopted the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield in July 2016, and by late September about 275 companies had […]

Standing in Data Breach Cases

Many data breach and cybersecurity cases have faltered for failure to establish concrete harm necessary to support standing when personally […]

Protection Before and After a Data Breach

With increased action by attorneys general and other regulators, as well as evolving case law, companies cannot afford to ignore […]

Patent or Trade Secret?

In recent years patent law has undergone drastic change, but trade secret law has also changed substantially. The enactment of […]

Why Emojis Matter in E-Discovery

Emojis are graphical icons or images used to express concepts, such as an idea or an emotion, that can be […]

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