pregnant mother at workplace

Examining New Workplace Accommodation Laws on Pregnancy, Religion, and Disability

Last year saw several changes to workplace accommodation laws, case law, and regulations. Three areas were front and center: Pregnancy, […]

Strategic Approaches to Law Firm Budgeting: Navigating Client Development Challenges

SEC Final Pay vs. Performance Disclosure Rules: Planning for the 2023 Proxy Season and Investor Reactions

A new financial reporting challenge is looming for publicly traded companies: compliance with the most significant change in executive compensation […]

Icon-like illustration of a an oil tanker, in white silhouette with a gash on the side leaking oil, on a black backround.

An Unprecedented Tin Cup From Lloyd’s List

An oil tanker that has been rotting in the Red Sea off the coast of war-ravaged Yemen since 2017 is […]

Stylized illustration of three silhouetted figures, one swimming, one running, and one on a bike.

Risk Manager Takes On A One-Percent Triathlon

In the Ironman XC, the competition specs are not different from other Ironman events – run, bike, and swim as […]

Simple line drawing: cloud split by lightening bolt with two drops of rain falling from the cloud.

Black Lives Matter Ripped By Litigation

A group representing local Black Lives Matter chapters has sued the LA-based national fund raising arm of the movement in […]

Abstract illustrationn or design featuring a pattern of slightly open doors in their door frames.

Balancing The Inside-Outside Equation

Legal recruiter Christine Berger takes up a perennial question for young law firm attorneys: Will I be better off ditching […]

House floating in the sky with a bubble around it.

Settlement In FLA Condo Collapse Inked At $1 Billion, As Insurance Rates Soar

A judge in Florida has given final approval to a $1B settlement for the class action that followed the June […]

In-House Compensation Up, Says Survey

Executive search firm BarkerGilmore has released its annual In-House Counsel Compensation Report, based on data from a survey conducted in […]

Styllized hand holding a card on which is pictured a gavel and dollar signs

Big Fight Over Legal Fees, After $15M Wrongful Death Settlement In Killing Of Elijah McClain

In the complaint that led to the settlement, the events leading to the death of Elijah McClain, an eccentric young […]

Lady Justice looking formidable with sword and scales.

Which Law Schools Do The Pricey Lawyers Come From?

A study from GradReports and data research company Optimal is said to identify “the top 10 schools that place the […]

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