FCPA Needs Fine Tuning, Says Former AG

Use of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to level the playing field among domestic companies doing business abroad has led […]

Summary Jury Trials as an Alternative to Litigation

Trials have become so expensive that few clients choose to go through them. A modified version of so-called “summary jury […]

Resolving Criminal Investigations Prior to Indictment

The authors present a hypothetical in which a corporation has been served with a federal grand jury subpoena seeking documents […]

Ensuring a Cost-Efficient Arbitration

The cost of arbitration is one advantage it has over litigation, but with the encroachment of the U.S. litigation process […]

Good Reasons to Weigh in for the Lame Duck Session

The next several months represent an opportunity for advocates to disseminate their message on Capitol Hill, in advance of what […]

The Globalization of Corporate Responsibility

In today’s global marketplace, where ideas are as coveted as any other commodity, emerging market corporations are showing Europe and […]

New Threats, New Legal Developments, in Cybersecurity

Our economic activities, social lives and physical safety increasingly depend on computers and other devices linked through the Internet. Protecting […]

Business-Method Patent Law in U.S., Canada, Seemingly in Synch

The decision of the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal in Inc. v. Canada provides the latest word on the […]

Reducing Corporate Retiree Health Care Costs

The cost of post-retirement health benefits must be set forth in a company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. […]

Valuation Key to Managing IP

This article summarizes procedures to measure, control and exploit a company’s intellectual property. The author, a certified public accountant accredited […]

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