Ten Ways to Improve Your Arbitration Clause

Many companies use arbitration clauses in their contracts. One of the primary reasons is the desire to avoid class actions. […]

Best Practices and Priorities for GCs

General counsel must look for ways to protect the company’s legal and business interests while managing costs and maintaining efficiency […]

How to Maximize Your Business Interruption Insurance Recovery

Each year nearly one in five companies suffers a catastrophic event that leads to two general categories of loss: physical […]

Sustainability Accounting Standards as the New GAAP

It took the 1929 crash, fueled in part by misleading financial reports, to prod congress to create the SEC and […]

Becoming a Third-Party Witness When Competitors or Suppliers Merge

To determine if a merger is good or bad for competition, the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice […]

Major Issues in Real Estate Transactions

It is incumbent upon general counsel to have a full understanding of the major issues involved in an office lease. […]

General Counsel and the Headquarters Lease

A general counsel is often asked to spearhead a company’s efforts in connection with a headquarters lease. There are numerous […]

Legal Competence and the Role of Technological Expertise

Twenty-six states have now adopted some version of the 2013 ABA Model Rule 1.1, which requires awareness of “the changes […]

Keep Your Third-Party Communications Privileged

Corporations increasingly rely on third parties in global bribery investigations, data security incidents and other investigations. The extent to which […]

The Regulatory Challenge of Autonomous Vehicles

The autonomous vehicle is one of the most important technological innovations of the last several decades. One thing that separates […]

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