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Remote Work, Employee Well-Being And COVID-19

December 9, 2020

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The COVID pandemic has been a catalyst for changes in the workplace, none more consequential than the increase in remote work, which often means working from home. Two surveys from employment law firm Littler found a pronounced difference in the way employers in the U.S. and Europe view that development. In Europe, both media reports and hard data from the surveys found employers pleasantly surprised “that a body doesn’t need to be behind a desk to produce quality work.” U.S. employers are far less likely see it that way, but many employers on both continents appear to be taking employee well-being and mental health seriously, and taking a variety of steps to attempt to promote it. “Although the long-term implications of the crisis remain to be seen,”says Littler attorney Stephan Swinkels, “the rise of flexible work schedules and the focus on employee well-being are two areas that are likely here to stay.”


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