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Stress-testing Your DSAR Process: Are You Ready for the Nightmare Letter?

Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Exterro

Brandon Reilly, Partner, Manatt Health
Constantine Karbaliotis, Senior Privacy Advisor, Exterro
Ray Pathak, VP Data Privacy Solutions, Exterro

Ahhh, the good old days, when data subject requests just meant searching everywhere you have consumer data. On January 1, 2023, the California exemption for employee data from CCPA expires. At this point employees and former employees can ask for the personal data you hold about them.

Why is employee data so much more difficult to find and produce? Because it is not in standalone databases and transactions. Employee data is scattered across every system in the company, and is commingled with other employee’s data, as well as business confidential information that you do not want to disclose. Finding, reviewing, redacting and producing this body of data is a complex task. It is not uncommon for organizations in the EU (Where this right already exists) to spend tens of thousands of dollars per request.

However, there is hope. New technologies combine AI and machine learning, e-discovery approaches, and process automation to create efficient and effective means of satisfying employee data subject requests. Come join our panel of experts as we explore:

  • What do employee DSARs look like and why are they so hard?
  • What am I really obligated to do?
  • How can I leverage technology to automate employee requests?

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