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Strategies to Tame the Complexities of Cybersecurity Incident Readiness and Response
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Presented by Today’s General Counsel and KLDiscovery

Laney Altamar, Vice President, Cyber Incident Response and Legal Technologies, KLDiscovery
Bess Hinson, Partner, Holland & Knight

The prevalence of cybersecurity incidents is undeniable, and the only upside to this reality is the expertise that comes from experience. Join KLDiscovery’s Laney Altamar and her guest Holland & Knight’s Bess Hinson as they offer industry insights and actionable steps to take to limit risk prior to an incident occurring. They will also discuss the latest strategies for data mining post-incident, with an eye toward early insight and reducing both the time and cost to analyze impacted data for PII/PHI (personally identifiable information/personal health information). Incident response data mining is fundamentally different than traditional eDiscovery and benefits from purpose-built technology, specialized Cyber Incident Response (CIR) teams, and a workflow tailored to the unique task of finding PII/PHI.

Topics of discussion will include:

Pre-Event Strategies

  • M&A due diligence
  • Foundational elements of incident response readiness
  • Importance of conducting incident related work under the protection of attorney-client privilege

Post Incident Response

  • Addressing the growing urgency for insight in hours and days not weeks and months
  • Advantages of using machine learning developed to identify PII/PHI
  • Harnessing post-incident insight to refine internal data management practices

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