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Learn How AI Can Take The Tedium Out of Deposition Summaries
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Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Disco

Anush Emelianova, Senior Product Marketing Manager, DISCO

Some of the best use-cases for incorporating AI into legal practice is when you can automate away the parts of practicing law that do not require legal judgment – to let lawyers be lawyers.

In this 30-minute Product Showcase, DISCO’s Anush Emelianova, will introduce you to Cecilia Deposition Summaries, the AI assistant eliminating the tedious parts of reviewing depositions and enabling you to understand witness testimony, fast.

Join in to see first hand how this cutting-edge legal technology can save hours of manual work by:

  • Creating a chronological or key-topic summary in a matter of minutes, with citations included.
  • Allowing you to jump instantly from a summary to relevant portions of the deposition transcript
  • Helping you to understand and leverage testimony faster, enabling you to begin strategizing almost immediately.

Register to join us live, or to ensure you receive a link of the recording of the presentation if you’re unable to attend!

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