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Intruder Scanner Foils API Hackers

May 18, 2023

New Ransomware Gang Hits Sony

As some legal firms and legal ops departments have begun building their own client-facing applications, clients will be demanding a single interface to access legal advice and support. This is where an application program interface (API) comes in. It allows two applications to communicate with each other and can extract and share data across organizations. Legal ops can benefit from API’s efficiencies — from document reviews to transferring information between client and legal practitioner. To attract new lawyers who expect up-to-date technology, this means existing applications are going to have to talk to each other more than they are now, making API integration an integral part of legal tech. 

APIs, however, are vulnerable to data breaches. An API vulnerability is a security flaw that allows attackers to gain access to sensitive data and execute other malicious actions. It can occur when an API is poorly designed or implemented, or not adequately secured. Hackers can also exploit API vulnerabilities to launch denial-of-service attacks or gain access to confidential information. One solution is Intruder, an online vulnerability scanner that finds cybersecurity weaknesses in digital infrastructures. It allows organizations to automatically detect vulnerabilities, gaps, security weaknesses and misconfigurations that hackers can exploit. It also provides organizations with detailed insights to proactively reduce exposure — whether it’s a vulnerability in their web server or an SQL injection in the parameters of one of the pages they’ve built themselves.

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