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General Counsel Compensation

July 7, 2023


Some highlights from the Barker Gilmore firm’s 2023 Private Equity and Portfolio Company In-House Counsel Compensation Report include:


  • GC’s median salary at portfolio companies ranges from $284,000 at firms with under $500K in revenue to $357K at firms exceeding $5 billion-plus in revenue


  • Cash bonuses and long-term incentives greatly impact total GC compensation


  • At portfolio companies with $5 billion-plus in revenue, they earn a median of $1.4 million


  • General Counsel at portfolio companies have a 53 percent likelihood of serving as Chief Compliance Officer


  • Chief Compliance Officers at funds exceeding $10 billion in assets under management earn annual median compensation of $538,000


  • When a private equity firm’s assets under management exceed $1 billion, GC compensation and carry eligibility increase significantly


  • At funds with more than $10 billion AUM, their annual median compensation is $1.19 million, with 90 percent eligible for carry, and an expected carry value of $9 million


  • Managing Counsel at portfolio companies are likely to have restricted stock units and stock options as their long-term incentives


  • Chief Compliance Officers are the most mobile of those surveyed. Forty percent are inclined to look for new jobs based on compensation

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