Money Talks About Free Speech

Shawnee State, a university in Ohio, is paying philosophy professor Nicholas Meriwether $400,000 because it rebuked him for refusing to […]

Silhouette rendering of two businessmen with briefcases either squaring off or shaking hands, it's hard tdo tell.

McKinsey’s Opioid Conflict Problem

News accounts in most major outlets and many of the minor ones have been pretty scathing. One source pegs the […]

Cartoon own on a limb, hold an umbrella over is head.

Malpractice Coverage For In-House Lawyers

Its proper name is “employed lawyers professional liability insurance” and it’s worth considering, according to a post from insurance brokerage […]

The Lowdown On High-End M&A Risk

According to McKinsey, research shows a 50-50 chance that companies pursuing big M&A deals will outperform industry peers as measured […]

McDonald's golden arch.

McDonald’s Sued By Maker Of A Device Said To Repair Its Finicky Ice Cream Machines

McDonald’s is being sued for $900M by a small tech company called Kytch, which makes a device that Kytch and […]

Texas AG Announces Privacy Suit Against Meta

In a press release, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has announced a lawsuit the state has filed against Meta, alleging […]

Flim-Flammed By a Movie Trailer

Fans of movie actress Ana de Armas were bamboozled, according to a lawsuit filed recently in a California federal court. […]

Copyright Suit Rains On Super-Model’s Parade

Kendall Jenner, 25 year-old model and star of the tv series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is finding out that […]

Confusing night-time view out the windshiel of a self-driving car.

Tesla Sued After Self-Driving Vehicle Rams Fire Truck

The plaintiff was driving a 2019 Tesla Model 3 in autopilot mode when the vehicle crashed into a fire truck […]

Parents Of Murdered University Student Can Sue the School

In a 2017, the parents of murdered Millersville University student Karlie Hall filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the school. […]

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