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Color photo of a modern white building that looks like it's probably a hospital.

Why Healthcare Is A Sitting Duck For Cyber Attacks, And What To Do About It

So-called social engineering attacks – including Phishing, Vishing/Smishing, Baiting, “Quid Pro Quo,” and Pretexting – don’t involve a technical breach […]

Man in Santa Claus costume looking at viewer, with his finger over his mouth as of to say "shhh."

What Not To Talk About When You Talk About Unions

The National Labor Relations Board “will soon be taking a tougher stance against employers who misrepresent how things could change […]

Illustration of a diverse group of health care workers, all wearing scrubs, standing in a group facing the viewer.

Threat Of Violence Rampant In Healthcare, And OSHA May Step In

Violence directed against healthcare workers, already alarming before the COVID pandemic, has gotten worse. A post from law firm Ogletree […]

Delivery van in a city, with a blurred background suggesting it might be speeding.

A Finger-Wag For The Last-Milers

Many companies in the so called last-mile delivery business are blaming nuclear verdicts, greedy plaintiff lawyers and “social inflation” for […]

Hearing Loss Widespread Among American Workers

Many companies should be heeding the regulations published in OSHA’s General Industry (29 CFR 1910.95) and Construction (29 CFR 1926.52 […]

Legal Dept. Heads Surveyed About Remote Working

Attorneys Joshua I. Rothman, Ralph A. Dengler, and Robert S. Pickens of Venable surveyed in-house counsel across a range of […]

accessibility in the virtual workplace

Legal Pitfalls of the Virtual Workspace

The pandemic has reshaped the American workplace. While many employees have been gradually returning to the office, “teleworking” remains prevalent. […]

Metallic renditon if a guy's head with the top sheared off and smoke coming out of it.

AI Cure For ESG Woes Can Be Worse Than The Disease

Artificial intelligence is widely regarded in the financial industry as the only realistic solution to the massive compliance burden of […]

A somewhat abstract illustration of a finger pointing, a fingerprint image superimposed over it, with various object in space around it.

In High-Stakes Biometric Coverage Battle, Players Await A Key Decision

The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (“BIPA”) has spawned numerous lawsuits since it went into effect in 2008, and some […]

Viewed from behind: A semi driving down the highway at night.

18-Wheel Headache: Risk Management & Coverage Challenge For Trucking Companies

Economic and political factors that are peripheral in much of the liability insurance market are having an outsized effect on […]

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