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Law Firms Optimize Document Review bar graph by Exterro

The Time Is Now for Law Firms to Optimize Document Review

Anyone who has spent time managing e-discovery projects knows document review is the most expensive phase of the process. They […]

ediscovery software, electronic discovery software

Nebula Partner Spotlight: BlueBear Solutions

The Nebula Partner Program at KLDiscovery empowers professional services organizations in the legal industry to expand their operations and serve […]

presenting data with help of software

I Need Contract Management Software…But How Do I Convince My Boss?

So…your expertise leads you to discover the value of contract management software. That’s great! However, the odds are that your […]

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) or Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)?

Leadership and Risk Management In IT Security: How to Guide an IT Security Team in a Complex Organization

It is no surprise that organizations struggle to implement “reasonable” IT security controls. The term “reasonable” is vague, but “IT […]

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Corporate Legal Department Health Check: Are you equipped to thrive?

According to the Thomson Reuters 2022 State of the Corporate Law Departments report, “the most successful law departments will be […]

person leveling up and graduation with Connected Legal Certification by LawVu

How the Connected Legal Certification Empowers In-House Legal Professionals To Upskill and Impact Their Organization

Lawyers often begin their careers in private practice because they want to specialize in a specific field and be recognized […]

holiday office party

Easy on the Booze, No Flirting, Weed Is Still Illegal—Let’s Party!

The holiday season is almost here, and many employers intend to make it merry by hosting holiday parties for the […]

creating careful wording

Careful Wording Makes for Broad Fintech Patent Claims

Patents are made of words, and the claims of a patent define its scope: the invention/activities that others are legally […]

legal center of excellence

Creating a World-Class Legal Center of Excellence

The legal industry is awakening to the critical need to transform the way it works. The need for cost control, […]

Greenwashing in Canada

Greenwashing Just Got More Expensive in Canada

Whenever you highlight the environmental attributes of a product or service, the risk of “greenwashing” — making false, misleading or […]

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