Shifting E-Discovery Costs to the Losing Party

The escalating costs of electronic discovery are a major factor in formulating litigation strategy, but state and federal courts are […]

Digital and Paper Records in Law Firms, Legally Wed

About one third of all law firms have a formal policy for managing paper records, but no policy for managing […]

How to Handle Audio, the Forgotten Esi

As early as the year 2000, federal courts acknowledged that discoverable electronically stored information (ESI) included audio. Audio stored in […]

Combating Trade Secret Theft Abroad Through Legal Action at Home

A federal appeals court recently determined that the International Trade Commission has authority to bar importation of products made abroad […]

In-House E-Discovery Technology Invokes the Cloud

A recent Harris Interactive-Kroll Ontrack survey found that 86 percent of Fortune 1000 corporations and medium-to-large law firm respondents “insource” […]

Digital Forensics and Discovery Management Are Certified Specialties

How electronic evidence is acquired can vary widely depending on whether the case is a criminal investigation, government investigation or […]

E-Discovery Data Subject to Export Control Laws

The Export Administration Regulations (EAR), enforced by the United States Department of Commerce, and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations […]

Why Corporate Defendants Should Embrace E-Discovery

The burden of preserving electronic information applies equally to defendants and plaintiffs. Defendants that have prepared in advance for e-discovery […]

Relevance Ranking is the Key to Early Case Assessment

This article considers the question of what is the best technology for doing Early Case Assessment (ECA), which is briefly […]

E-Discovery Trends to Watch in 2012

The amount of information that is electronically stored will continue its explosive growth in 2012. In response, litigants and the […]

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