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BreachForums Administrator Rearrested on Parole Violations

January 15, 2024

BreachForums Administrator Rearrested on Parole Violations

Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, the former top administrator of BreachForums, an online shopping mall for stolen data, was re-arrested on Jan. 2, reports cyber news source The Record.

According to the FBI, he used a computer and VPN services without enabling the required monitoring software, a violation of his release terms while he awaited sentencing.

When he was initially busted at his parent’s home last March, the 21-year-old Fitzpatrick confessed to his role at BreachForums. He admitted to facilitating the sale and purchase of stolen data under the alias “pompompurin.”

In July, he pleaded guilty to charges related to operating the site, and having child pornography on his computer. He remained free on $300,000 bond as part of a plea deal.

The terms of the deal included a list of things he was forbidden to do. They included communicating with anyone under the age of 18, accessing websites related to hacking and stolen data, using VPNs, and accessing a computer without a monitoring program installed by court officials. The software recorded all activity on the device, along with restricting access to some sites.

Fitzpatrick acknowledged the violations after his arrest. He agreed to be transported to the Eastern District of Virginia by FBI agents, where he will face a United States Magistrate Judge for further disposition.

Fitzpatrick is looking at decades behind bars. His plea agreement acknowledges his role at BreachForums, which marketed stolen payment card data, bank routing and account numbers, and Social Security numbers and login credentials. According to the DOJ, BreachForums facilitated access to the sensitive personal information of millions of U.S. citizens.

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