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Another Big Company Bans Telecommuting

May 30, 2017

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IBM joins a handful of companies that have backtracked on the movement to allow employees to work from home. While the number of such companies is not large, the number of employees affected has been significant. IBM did not say how many of its 380,000 workers are affected, but the order that was handed down – essentially to quit working out of your home office or resign – applies to some major company divisions that employ tens of thousands of workers.“While IBM is not the first company to rescind telework arrangements,” notes this post from The Society for Human Resource Management, “it may be the first time a company that sells telework software has asked many of its remote employees to start working in its offices again.” Among companies that have made a similar move are Yahoo – where there was pushback from young employees – and Hewlett-Packard, Best Buy, Bank of America Corp. and Aetna, Inc., where the policy went down relatively easy.

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