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Insurance Industry Ponders Its Next, Biggest, Risk Management Problem

The insurance industry was years ahead of the political debate, and is now at what might be considered the next step…

Florida Overhauls Its Data Security Breach Notification Law Effective July 1, 2014

Next month Florida joins a number of states, including California, New Mexico, Iowa, and Kentucky, in overhauling the requirements and steps companies must follow when faced with a potential or actual security breach resulting in the unauthorized disclosure of personal information.

Second Circuit Extends Reach Of Benefits Insurance

The case turned on whether a claim made under ERISA, by a woman who alleged retaliation that included termination of […]

Legal, But Immoral? Companies Taking Out Life Insurance Policies On Employees

Hundreds of companies in the U.S., including some of the largest banks, are taking out life insurance policies on their […]

IBM Study: Most Cyber Breaches Involve Human Error

Businesses are spending big money to make sure they have the technology they need to keep data secure but the […]

In Fervor Over Cyber Breaches, Don’t Neglect Paper Risks

Corporate attention has shifted to preventing or managing major cyber security breaches, but a recent Department of Health and Human […]

Suspect “Warranties” For Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

When considering a strategy to protect against lawsuits from participants in employer-sponsored retirement plans, companies should look critically at fiduciary […]

United They Stand: Crisis Managers and In-House Attorneys

When legal departments work hand-in-hand with crisis management teams, a bad situation can more easily be kept from getting much […]

Back Off Business, Cybersecurity Is FTC’s Turf Now

A decision issued by U.S. District Judge Esther Salas in New Jersey paves the way for the FTC to seize the mantel as the top federal enforcement authority in the area of cybersecurity.

SEC Commissioner Aguilar Speaks on Cybersecurity Issues for the Boardroom

In a speech at the New York Stock Exchange, SEC Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar strongly urged directors to focus on the need for increased oversight of cyber-risks, and outlined steps directors should take immediately.

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