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Examining New Workplace Accommodation Laws on Pregnancy, Religion, and Disability

Employers need to ensure they are compliant with new workplace accommodation laws on pregnancy, religion, and disability.

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A New Tool for Restoring Sound Science in the Courtroom

For the business community — manufacturers, innovators, and the agriculture and energy sectors — the proper application of the scientific […]

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Defining Earnout Cases Under Delaware Law

Samantha Horn and Andrew S. Cunningham, in their article on the Stikeman Elliott website, suggest that an earnout can be […]

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Injunction Hearing Scheduled On Rithm Capital Acquisition of Sculptor

Reuters reports that a preliminary injunction hearing to block Rithm Capital’s $720 million bid for Sculptor Capital Management, a hedge […]

Google Antitrust Suit and the DOJ’s Warning about Third-Party Messaging Apps

Google Antitrust Suit and the DOJ’s Warning about Third-Party Messaging Apps

On March 3, 2023, the Department of Justice (DOJ) released a new policy announcing that when considering leniency for companies […]

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Companies Must Revisit High-Earner Compensation After the Supreme Court’s Ruling in Helix Energy

Companies that pay high-earning workers a day rate without overtime must exercise caution following the Supreme Court’s February decision in […]

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Questioning an Independent Director’s Independence

Historically, when courts reviewed the independence of a company’s outside directors they have focused upon the business relationships and economic […]

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New BIPA Rulings in Illinois

The Illinois Supreme Court recently issued a decision in Cothron v. White Castle System, Inc. which could have significant implications […]


Upcoming Supreme Court Decisions Likely To Weaken Prosecutors

Two upcoming decisions will likely weaken some of the favored tools in a federal prosecutor’s toolbelt. In Ciminelli v. United […]

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The FTC Rule Banning Noncompete Agreements

A hot topic in antitrust today is the FTC’s proposed rule banning noncompete agreements as an unfair method of competition […]

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